Promotion – Taylor Morris and Namibia Tourism Board

Home to the oldest desert, the highest sand dunes and the largest canyon in Africa, Namibia offers the most mesmerising scenery in the world. That’s why Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris – British designers and co-founders of eyewear brand Taylor Morris – chose the Namib Desert for the brand’s latest sunglasses shoot – a place where their stylish shades would be complemented by a unique backdrop.

Since a young age, Taylor has had a huge passion for adventure and beauty, taking great pride in discovering outstanding areas of natural beauty. Namibia, though, was the destination that really look his breath away, a place that Taylor describes as “the most inspiring place” he’s ever been to. Travelling to Namibia with Visions of Africa, the shoot’s trip was organised so that as much of the country could be taken in over the eight-day stay, a highlight being the hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert during sunrise. Combined with the outstanding sunsets, nature, food and accommodation, Namibia is a country that delivers the most incredible holiday memories.

Travelling with Vision of Africa made Taylor’s trip seamless and spectacular. Feeling inspired? Visit to plan your trip. Visit to see the full range of eyewear.