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16 incredible trips in America


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Promotion – Taylor Morris and Namibia Tourism Board

Namibia offers some of the most mesmerising scenery in the world, perfect for a holiday or a fashion shoot

City Guide: Cambridge, UK

Cocktails, concerts and craft beers − there’s lots to see and do in Cambridge beyond joining the tourist trail around the colleges

The future's bright – the revival of Detroit, Michigan

Recent years have seen Detroit fall into a state of decline but, with an influx of new industry and ideas on the horizon, Hannah Summers finds that the wheels of Motor City are starting to turn again

16 incredible trips in America

We've rounded up the top American holidays – from the underdog destinations to new takes on the old favourites

Winging It: The Isles of Scilly

Don't take this personally, but you look stressed. Luckily, you can get to some tropical, beach-laden islands to chill out without even leaving our fair country

The 19 coolest hotels in the world

Whether you're a design geek, a history fanatic or a beach bum, we've found a cool hotel for you…

Winging It: Austin

If you music's your thing, then Austin's your city. We'll meet you at the stage…

Show Your Colours: Real, Atlético, and Madrid's football culture

Madrid's top two clubs may be close on the pitch, but they're chalk and cheese off it. We explore the city's unique football culture

Hotel Review: ME Hotel, London

A quaint boarding house this is not – we visit a London hotel with one foot in the future.

Check into: The Hoxton Hotel

Here's an idea to try this weekend. Rather than slope off home to watch Netflix non-stop, why not book into a cool London hotel and, er, watch Netflix non-stop




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