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Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event — A very literal festival

Oct 2018

Apparitions Festival

We see… a festival

Mar 2018

Coincidance Music Festival

Questionable pun, great festival

Dec 2017

Eurosonic Noorderslag

The second word doesn't mean what you're thinking

Jan 2018

Forgotten Fields

Strong musical yields

Aug 2018

Great Escape Festival

New music on the south coast

May 2018

Groove Cairngorm

Like Groove Armada, but in Scotland. And a festival

Mar 2018

Lokerse Feesten

An eclectic festival in Belgium 

Jul 2018

Love Family Park

Love Family? Love Park? Love Love?

Jul 2018


It's French for Mars Attacks

Sep 2018

Movement Torino Music Festival

Movement comes to Italy

Oct 2017

Oya Festival

Oslo gets flooded with the cream of the crop for five days.

Aug 2018

Return to Rio

Australia's best boutique festival aka more fun than you can shake a stick at

Nov 2017

Secret Solstice

Who needs night-time?

Jun 2018


Lots of capital letters, lots of big time fun

Dec 2017

Sonar Bogota

Don't bog-off, ta

Dec 2017

Sonar Reykjavik

Tough to spell, but also tough to beat

Feb 2018

Stereosonic Brisbane

Electro & House in Australia

Dec 2017

Storyland Colombia

It's like a fairytale. With LED lights and electro music

Jan 2018

SuperBock SuperRock

A rock and roll extravaganza in Portugal

Jul 2018

SXMusic Festival

One vowel away from being proper grubby

Mar 2018

Taico Club Festival

Become one with nature, Japanese-style.

Jun 2018

The Winter Social

Better put those hibernation plans on ice

Feb 2018

Time Warp Mannheim

Mann, you're going to have fun

Apr 2018


Questioning the meaning of the universe, with added light show

Oct 2017

VH1 Supersonic

This festival in Goa is quicker than the speed of sound so it will be over before you can hear any of it.

Dec 2017


Legendary Polish DJs bring an exciting one dayer to town

Jun 2018

X Music festival

Confusingly current festival of dance in Diffy

Jun 2018


House, electro and hip-hop in a sandy South-east Asian paradise

Dec 2017